AJAX Communications, Inc. is a fully insured provider of Information Transport Systems to the Florida and Southeast Georgia business communities. Our primary focus is on installing high quality state-of-the-art structured cabling systems and end-to-end business and residential networking and telephony solutions, including installation and support of:

  • Audio/Video and Paging Systems
  • Network Hardware (Routers and Switches)
  • Telephony Systems (PBX, Voicemail, VOIP)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • WiFi Solutions


AJAX Communications, Inc. has partnered with Speech Privacy Systems to provide their Voice Arrest systems. The Voice Arrest Sound Masking System is measurably the most effective sound masking system available, reducing distractions and providing speech privacy in both open and enclosed office plans.  It’s also exceptionally flexible, providing privacy for offices as small as 50 square feet to multi-story facilities, with custom configurations to match your acoustic environment.

AJAX Communications, Inc. is always interested in new talent.

If you’re interested in AJAX and you’d like to become a member of our team, please Email your resume to info@ajaxcomm.com or fax it to 904-282-2641.